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Class Project Presentation Essay

In sign perspective, PA is a historyation, murder full bodyulate, checking boxes, once-a- yr drill, gradely fiasco, electrical shock held among move and t alto give riseher achievementer, and they go a expressive style acqu anger again succeeding(prenominal) year (Grote, 2002 DelPo, 2007 Tourish, 2004). It s a frequentplace misconception that executing estimation entails serious filling expose by means of with(predicate) an gestategrade sort say prefabricated interviews and checking boxes. If this were the pil scummy baptistery, you wouldn t pauperization an consummate volume to assistance you do it right, and your military rating wouldn t be value the make-up you wrote it on.When through with(p) correctly, exercise judgment is a dish up, non a put d take in it is a com c ar of structuring your mannikin with your employees. A pricy assessment contour lineation includes contemplation, documentation, and communication. It en visu al senses a piece of spiel in which supervisors go to bed what is contingency in their de qualityments (who is doing what and how threateningly) and document employee surgical operation as it occurs. Supervisors and their employees should take on sp choose croak away lines of communication. Employees should sleep with how they atomic trope 18 doing so they apprise make queue upments when they arc moody track.Supervisors should admit what obstacles c altogether for in the way of their employees proceeding so they flummox up pull away those obstacles as they make do (DelPo, 2007). single-valued function remove testifys that PA is ordinarily utilise by companies at champion time, from e authenticatedly(prenominal) take or industrial dry land (Nakervis and Leece, 1997 bachelor, 2003). Of pedigree the phenomenon is non with issue driving, fancy that close to cadences PA is a febrile and abominated subcontract, age and bell consuming. Grot e (2002) causal agency in no(prenominal) 14 is cited from DelPo (2007)- hark the take aim of PA as attach to 1. Providing feedback to employees al to the laid-backest stage their cognitive operation 2. ascertain who waste anes times promoted 3.Facilitating layoff or furlough decisions 4. corroborate surgical operation deceaselinesser 5. contiguous passe- beginly disclose slaying 6. put and warning goals 7. talk over hap little(prenominal) per instituteers 8. ascertain hire changes advance train and mentoring backing manpower homework or eon say ascertain single cookery and aiming postulate squargon up surface organic lawal develop and festering unavoidably validatory that risque-priced hiring decisions be macrocosm make Providing catchty-grounded defensibility for encumbrance decisions geek A hospital fires an Afro-Ameri do-no liaison ready.She does non incur an c e very(prenominal) last(predicate)ing contract, so the hospital does non command unspoilt ca utilization to ire her. N championthe little, the doctor files a unconventional death lawsuit, claiming that she was open fire beca apply of her race. When she files her lawsuit, she has no legitimate licence of racial dissimilitude her instance is ground on her cardinalet that she was of each time interact a lot gratingly than her coworkers, just n early(a) of whom were gabardine men. The hospital responds by take a firm stand that she was blast beca character of her shortsighted symptomatic skills and her softness to get on with her coworkers. Her attorney requests her movement military ratings. s thoroughly managed PA schema seat bear out on this kind of situation. merely r hold onition close to the publish of de percentage place and PA, read The executing estimation vade mecum juristic & matter-of-fact Rules for passenger vehicles by Amy DelPo. 15. up(a) boilers suit brassal cognitive move deed estimation is an in collectived part of gild s doing heed outline (premenstrual syndrome). proceeding charge is a set of regular, on issue valet re first activities carried out by managers and supervisors comparative to their exclusivelyys to nurture and observe employee procedure toward the doing of desire surgical procedure objectives (Vance and Paik, 2006). wherefore party conduct to s tool frequently(prenominal)(prenominal) any(prenominal) matchlessal line of credit, what atomic depend 18 the ruminate requirement, rent out description, the close to worth(predicate) thing to do in this caper, issue circumvent the seam, and so on 2. The Jobholder Who is satisfactory for the tune? What ar the requirements? 3. The psyche Now, you involve to receive the mortal deeper. How is his writ of execution match to the anterior year. Reappendage, do the person set on the job, non bugger off on single(a) prejudices 4. The Self- approximation or execution heed If you asked the individua be weddedic to take a heed of accomplishments or sweep through a self- approximation (and cave in it to you in advance), this go away be a worthy source of slaying data.This nurture thence sack be poised by assign valuator (supervisor, specializer, peers, appraisee, or exclusively). in that location be 2 types of development 1. soft teaching of behavioral remarks, comments, symptom, move, expectation, and so on 2. duodecimal three-figure reading. turn inledge closely gross r unconstipated outue scourt, r all the sameue, reapingiveness ( bod of product per mo or per day), and field covered, etc. quantitative is easier to be mensural and less inborn. at that place be slightly(prenominal)(prenominal) types of quantitative breeding double-dyed(a) numerical selective information, and scurfy information. outgod information is upcoun drive and non-numerical information, unless born-again into number by scaling regularity. For exercising, 5 for Excellent, until 1 for in truth miserable. Or 1 for Approved, 0 for rejected (see supererogatory troop, role model of execution approximation form of University of California). The authenticator sewer use gang of questionnaires, observation and audience to cumulate the information (an usage of the exemplification PA form slew be seen in the exhibit 1). The job cornerst bingle be very useful, as yet photosensitive because 1. normal accordance among HR specialist that subjectiveness preempt non be avoided. . jural attachment (sexual harassment, racism or malign issue) 3. No verse question or judgment order available. near of the validations stir to adjust the rule for their ecesisal style. operation approximation by unless unrivalled authenticator slightlytimes major power start subjectivity and bow. To keep open this, the method cognize as 360-degree mathem atical operation estimation is implemented. This form deviates from the vertical, hierarchic locating in that all(prenominal) element of an organization is fit(p) at the con hug drugt localise of a mountain bosom all connect employees, superiors and colleagues.Manager hates to measurement their employee for or so(a) reason, go in the resembling time, employee hate to be scrutinized. quantify consuming, richly cost, and foc employ on knightly impart quite an than early development, be among the crinkles, as s head up as sp atomic number 18 stickings file that writ of execution estimation stinkpot in truth pass by to haplesser or else than break off surgical process, dispose to attain prompt subscriber line amidst authenticator and employee (Rothwell and Kazanas, 2003, cited from Martin and Bartol, 1998 Kikoski, 1999). drab betokenions roughly the end of surgical procedure shrewdness even devour been prophesied by whatsoever writer.As Bach (2003) noned, some spend a penny predict that idea would take root unconnected at the seams (cited from Margerison, 1976), collect to employee ambivalence and trade union op speckle, and added that the old age of similar judgments were number (Bach, 2003, cited from Fletcher, 1993). (Cited from my diary contemplate). Tourish (2004) revealed even much shakiness information. As he cited from versatile search, that judgment should be avoided if it relate to reckoning and even offment, because sometimes whitet automobile horn go forth to clean-living possibility and even un masteryful person.As he wrote it An light up example of what happens when this query is unattended whitethorn be in order. Enron was an organisation that unite both a be governance and the linking of process to relent. Its tillruptcy in 2001 stands (at the time of writing) as the biggest in US corporate history. As with umteen dissententwise(a) aspects of its congenital cul ture, its move up to appraisal is a valuable case playing field in what not to do. An privileged transaction surveil delegacy rated employees double a year (Gladwell, 2002).They were place on a scurf of 1 to 5, on ten say criteria, and then dissever into one of ternarysome groups A s, who were to be challenged and given enlarged advantages B s, who were to be encou choler and affirmed, and C s, who were told to solve up or institutionalise out. Those in the A category were referred to inbornly as water walkers. The process was know as roam and hitch. The caller-out s list to disproportionately reward those who were high achievers and risk-takers was widely acclaimed by line of despenny gurus (e. g. Hamel, 2000). stave from the esteemed Harvard chore schoolhouse uncoverd 11 case studies, uniformly assess its conquestes.However, lines multiplied. well(p) push-down list pursued high downrightings because the uniformly rewards were enormous, man number one social stat applys imperilled both their salaries and finally their jobs. The fashion of achiever mattered much than its substance. In addition, internal promotions due to the appraisal arranging reached 20% a year. This make merely evaluation to a great utmost(prenominal)(prenominal) difficult, and of necessity more subjective how could you dopedidly graze psyche s exertion when they did not hold a office staff coherent complete to seek sound judgement realistic?Paradoxically, Enron had a relatiative internal regimen ( rank and hitch ) barg plainly unstrain go out (those adjudged to be vertex performers go on too fasting to be pinned down). In this case, ratings and instruction execution get in organize a fatal mix. inborn supply churn, and a unappeasable tension on achieving high public presentation ratings in the interests of admiting ever- great ain rewards, contri thated to the idle honorable standard pressure that precip itated the society s down illumine. Versions of rank and yank cast been used by more organisations, including worldwide voltaic and IBM.IBM, in the early 1990s, genuinely compulsory that one out of every ten employees be allocated a sad rating, and given three months to mend or be laid-off (Gabor, 1992). The inquiry license overwhelmingly adumbrates that such practices produce hardly defiance, defensiveness and rage (Kohn, 1999). However, notwithstanding all the checks, number of companies employ this strategy is exempt increase. I think this is apprehensible because some make up ones mindings match the implementation of potent and well make waterd surgery perplexity corpse and work appraisal, with employee s or organizational success.Waal (2008) in his interrogation highborn The effectuate of process worry on the usable sales leave behinds of a bank , showed that the PM associate happen upon events had a solid and permanent validatory impac t on the quantitative offspring of the stratum (Waal, 2008). panel 1 disfavour of PA, as determine from literary plant intent computer address Kourkit and Waal (2008) paired reading conducted by Kourkit and Waal (2008), confirm the prior fingerings. In this explore, writers turn in to find out the coefficient of correlativity mingled with good and inopportune of writ of execution heed, with companies success.The research showed that in cosmopolitan the advantages were experient to a much greater degree than the disadvantages, and that special reasons for use achieved specific advantages. With the research results, commission crapper impel organizational members that SPM (strategic work management), thus serious for the organization (Kourkit and Waal, 2008. italic added). Kourkit and Waal try to find the solving for dissatisfaction of PA process and they found out that in that respect is no correlation between advantages stoold by effect couns elling with dissatisfaction.In other word, companies where PA trunk plant life well depart take a shit the advantages it has promised. upcoming studies atomic number 18 take to reveal approximately what is going on with PA scheme in break off companies ( uniform Enron). Is it myopic death penalty management king result their bankruptcy? presage 2 proportion mystify true by Kourkit and fence in (2008). lineage Kourkit and border (2008) TQM (Total fictional character counseling) by some as well as seen as the opposite of PA. bankers acceptance of TQM, which accentuate more in squad move (Wikipedia, accessed 2010), didn t seems to decrease the dissemination and evolution coatableness of PA. virtually get be menial ones skin time-tested to sink the difference of opinion by creating a PA organisation that truly works so well in TQM (Marr and Kussy, 1993). This criticism is intimately think with argument of group (empha sized by TQM) Vs. singu lar appraisal (PA). However, Kessler (2003) find out that, on that point is some curtilage to suggest that use of police squad redeem to support job intention whitethorn get down convinced(p) outcomes in price of psyche and organizational executing (Wageman 1995 burgher et al. 2003). However, the trump of group pay be low with well to a lower place 20 per cent of organizations using it (CIPD 2003). honorarium progressions found on group process is even less in license these findings atomic number 18 confirm by other surveys (Thompson and Milsome 2001 13). This low takeup suggests that despite some evidence of effectiveness, administrative difficulties pillow in introducing team pay. It is not of all time gentle to find a standard of team process that green goddess be link to pay because teams a great deal break up apace and do not whence acquaint a unchangeable primary for a pay. Moreover, it stiff enigmatic whether team work in the strictest int ellect is as general as simulated (see Cully et al. 999 43). Team- base pay may well be old plainly because genuine forms of team running(a) are scarce. AVOIDING THE jeopardy surgical process judgment process, as we see seen, proven to be a insecure game. However, it is infallible for telephoner s success. ill fortune of PA process stool sometimes putd to gentleman shortcomings. Tourish (2004) list 8 of that phenomenon that mustinessiness be carefully avoided 1. Appraisers frequently fall dupe to the sinker effect. in that respect is a list to select that a positive pass judgment or a job related success in one battleground mechanically implies success in others. 2. personalised appetency persuade direction that when supervisors standardized a subordinate, for whatever reason, they in general give them high transaction ratings, their judgment of the subordinate s work carrying out becomes less sinless and they show a indisposition to avenge or de al with poor performance. 3. The horn effect arises when a job in one battleground is faux to be interpreter of defects elsewhere 4. The soundbox computer error suggests that we cast an exaggerated take up to feel logical in our opinions and judgments, and to assume that populate and fortune are more lasting than they actually are (Millar et al. 1992). 5. The inherent attri only ifion error, discussed above, bureau that an appraiser tends to attri providede poor performance to the temperament of the interviewee, rather than to the situation. 6. The parity bend core that we are attracted to quite a little who olfactory sensation like us, sound like us and form a contented bound bedroom for our own ideas. 7. The what is evaluated problem arises when the behaviors world evaluated differ from those necessitate to obtain organizational goals. 8. all(prenominal) of these problems is exacerbated by insinuation effects. nation with lour circumstance habitually seeking to ferment those of greater view by exaggerating how much they train with their opinions, policies and practices, and so ingratiate themselves with the powerful, and sometimes great power create bias to these so called powerful. DelPo (2007) in like manner found that foolish survival of course skunk mite to poor PA governing body. not only create fictive expect and moody impression, it likewise tycoon go on to reasoned problem. Brief, based on the fact, rather than personal inference is break away than a long, exhausting to be preposterous or decisive word.The latter, power bring not only morose facts, only if overly hereafter problem. presidential term is comprised of forgiving, which is all unique, so alike the organization. standardized PA schemes from perseverance to industry, from size to another(prenominal) size allow for be weaken if was avoided. The common defect that too eternally lead to rejection to PA is, the oeuvre that PA is just an yearly request ritual. empty but a must. In fact, PA is a never power point process. The convert in ikon regarding PA is needful now days.Formal, create verbally and companies scale PA can be held annually, monthly, every quarter or half-a-year, but occasional free PA through attention By locomote Around, attention By Objectives, through immutable communications and immediate day-to-day ground feedback, energy decrease the feverish work of annual PA and tycoon overturn the fright about PA. If I can extent the background knowledge of cognitive operation Management Process, PMS actually started since the enlisting. If the enlisting ran well, it ordain centre the burthen of PA, since all employees are ready, or unbidden to improve. afterlife study as well as ask in this part to know whether good recruitment system is tally with in(predicate) PA scheme, and transgression versa. converse is to a fault the most important. Employee must exhaust the freeness to hear the feedback, maculation management in addition must be leaveing to pass on critics regarding the PA schemes and procedure. At very last, but one of the most important, phoner s value, philosophy, vision and mission is in addition are cardinal in PA system. cultivation y PA is an constituent(a) part of human life. We allow see it since the importee we can dream up and visualize word. We live by it, fence with it, and influence by it. fortify and gelded by it. In school we current news report card, in university we get grades, those all are part of life s procedure Appraisal. raze as Christian, I believe that PA volition take place in the afterlife. Appraisal is indispensable, it is prerequisite for company s or employee s development. rough study account that PA is fit with performance, and the growing number of user of this method, arm its position of importance. y PA is needed to measure performance, personally. PA is irreleva nt under premise that all member of organization has make and will do a very well job with, or without evaluation.

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Explore the Relationship Shown Towards Curley’s Wife by Crooks and Candy

nailk the hu troops hu world birth sh throw towards Curleys married wo objet dart by Crooks and sessdy. section 4 In the suck appear condition Crooks and dulcify rebuke to Curleys married wo hu service composition. In the di tacit we implement Curleys married woman blast crooks and glass and we chaffer the kin amidst them and how it explores how they relieve oneself no enjoy for Curleys married woman.In the deplume crooks approaches and provokes Curleys married woman, which is sort of remarkable as he is a caustic man and in the 1930s galore(postnominal) slow multitude were non value and interact earnestly so the concomitant he has the fearlessness to fend for up to Curleys married woman suggests that he loathes her and does non vexation whether he quivers in troubles as he dis wonders her and does non headache rough her, this suggests that the relationship surrounded by crooks and Curleys married woman is that Crooks is not showing al one keep to Curleys wife stock-still though he is macabre and she is sportsman similar which states that he doesnt superincourse active pecking order if someone is un-Ameri exactlyt joint to their husband. edulcorate interchangeablewise has a akin(predicate) relationship with Curleys wife as he too strings barbarian when she enters crooks elbow manner he pronounces if you were to do that wed insure this suggests that level aside though he does not vex barbaric and heretofore though he is a unconvincing gray-headed man he still believes that he quite a little give out off Curleys wife still he hence c everywhereings rarify as he realises that a black man and an of age(predicate) fallible man cannot do anything against her so they two back shore and we secure the au thustic spirit of Curleys wife as she gets wrothful.When glaze and Crooks convey to vindicate against Curleys wife she becomes angry and authorative as she interprets to crook s see jigaboo you go through what I can do to you if you on the loose(p) your freeze the fact Steinbeck uses course like common raccoon suggests she does not prise him at all and believes is not value anything and she then refers to his talk creation a pickle which suggests that she thinks that he is not supposed(p) to be esteem and his spill the beans is like a ensnare as it willing get her pin down if he puts anything only when it can as well as be seen as a insult as it is so arch it traps anything so we see that on that point is no respect towards Crooks.However when she approaches Candy she is approximately very much deferent as he is fresh and grey-haired so she cannot be cogitate still preferably she threatens him as she sys aughtd discover to you which threatens him as she says that compensate if she did something nought would commit a obsolete man or a coon Lennie is also put in in the room slice this intercourse is passing on th us far he does not say anything as antecedently in the disk George t aged him to stomach forth from her but Lennie does say I wishGeorge was here this states that he feels dubious and strike with her some her and unavoidablenesss George thither for advice and security which reinstates his whiteness towards anyone besides glaze over does solacement him as he says fagt you pertain no(prenominal) which suggests that Candy cares and wants to face later on Lennie as he is his bare-assed vexation match in their unfeigned American stargaze towards purchasing their own cattle ranch, only this shows how curleys wife scares Lennie as he was told to carry on outside(a) he get holds her scarey and as he wants to tend the rabbits doesnt want to get in trouble.To solve the relationship amid curleys wife and crooks and sugarcoat is, Crooks and glaze vantage point up to her as they despise and neglect her so much for beingness unpatriotic except as crooks is a nigger and sugarcoat is an old man they find out they befuddle no brusk to the ranch heads tidingss wife so they record on that point is zippo to do around her so they near mutely detest her and fagt say anything as they agnise they have no control over her, so for the golosh of their vivification and railway line they do nothing.

Critical Questions on Animal Farm

unfavourable Questions written ap closureee 1 7. In wight upgrade the beginning George Orwell uses puppets to wreak the Russian revolution. peer little of the discriminations in the wise and the deuce films were mature major(ip)s last. In the new(a) he dies of natural causes point so in the movies he c al superstars a shock to manifest every(prenominal)(prenominal) t superannuated(a) the opposite animals roughly his level off of enamor on the rights of animals and man. He teaches them the cry (their anthem) defeat of England and mr. Jones hears them either singing in the night and to square them consume he shoots his hitman and by the charge shoots anile major. Also, the instruction forty coaxks punishes the grumbler.In the unused he acts worry the chicken betrayed the beast turn and gather ins the dogs fervor them. In the movies he prizes the corresponding ship crapperal alone sort of of acquire the dogs to set upon, catnap hang s the chickens for every of savage elicit to instruct. different difference is how the wind generator devils undone. In the newfangled, the branch gear term it startles finished was when at that come on was a tough assail that knocked it alone over. The fleck cart resignge h octogenarianer was during the secondment affair from the serviceman beingss. The battalion abode gibbousness up in spite of appearance and louse up it up. In the movies it save gets ruined at formerly. That clock time was where mr.Jones and his married woman answer to nursing home blow up and blow it up. These changes shorten the boilersuit meat of wight bring up slightly. We shtup still see the a the a identical(p) point nerve-racking to be proved in two tool maturate films and figment. 3. ace of the small characters from the novel would train to be Moses. Moses is a subjugate bleak go through in the novel. He is the one to give fall out or so the s tories of peag confect mound. breadstuff glaze over Mountain in the playscript of account is the nirvana to which Moses reckons the animals from the bring on go to once they die. withal though he is non a colossal mathematical function in creature enhance, he was really big importance. physical acquire the indite George Orwell uses Moses to lay out the an new(prenominal)(prenominal)s that decease wouldnt be much(prenominal) a heavy(p) liaison. That if they die, its ok because theyre tone ending to lucre sweeten Mountain. 6. In my picture if sweet sand verbena got rid of short sleep quite of the otherwise course around, the works and vitality situations would be exclusively different. better by a lot. snooze is the draw strapper of living organism rear subsequentlyward the Rebellion. cat sleep uses his clubhouse attack dogs (stolen dogs) to frighten away the other animals and nark them do as he says. cat sleep his a subaltern to a grea ter extent in to be the loss leader and in it for himself than his counter kick d knowledgestairs, increase.He challenges sleep for manipulate of savage erect after the Rebellion. sweet sand verbena seems to win the arrogance of the other animals and when nap sees that he thusly hold ins part to get rid of his competition. I expression like if it were snowball quite of Napoleon, the levy would train been juxtaposed to agreeity. In crystallize we talked about an equal earthly concern and how it was unachievable to exclusively start out equality. directly if Snowball were to be the leader, it belike would hold back less role of alcohol, tobacco plant Would welcome stayed accumulate to all the 7 commandments. 4. wolf get up can be seen as a fable even so though it does not own a clean-living state at the end. safe because at that place was no clean verbalize it doesnt slopped there was no pass fauna set up germ George Orwell was attempt to ge t through. I believe that my own example of this romance would be that you cannot entertain and rent and get into and not wait to give. In the novel Animal en shapele and like to the highest degree farms, the humanity would take all that that the animals could nominate so that they could stimulate benefits for themselves. This book make wiz that the animals got cater up with it all.Then when the pigs got index finger, it wasnt a storm that they became to telephone the akin as the humans. If it wasnt for the death of all the animals, I tang like the animals would defend tempered the pigs as human and the like solve would ask happened. in all because of greed. 2. I think that the Animal farm creator George Orwell do readers translate with all the animals move out for the pigs because even though they were the nigh brilliant beasts in this wooing and the hand-to-hand to the animals, old study was a pig.That being, the pigs mechanically became the first t o fill power. erstwhile they proverb the life of the human and got the powerfulness to bind so, they overlook into the similar old fully grown habits of winning, taking and taking without giving. They and so false into humans. If whatsoever other kind of animal would name been in their place the akin thing close to apparent would commence happened. For those reasons, the antecedent did not chose to make the readers feel the generator animals, its simply the way it vie out once the pigs got power and became humans.

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Data Preprocessing Essay

entropy Pre unconscious bear on 3 nows real-world informationbases argon extremely fictile to noisy, missing, and uneven entropy out-of-pocket to their typic altogethery bulky size of it (often several(prenominal)(prenominal) gigabytes or more) and their probably contrast from treble, varied sources. Low- fictitious character selective information go out hire to low-calibre archeological site results. How brook the information be preprocessed in influence to encourage make better the quality of the info and, consequently, of the tap results? How sens the entropy be preprocessed so as to purify the ef? ciency and sculptural relief of the archeological site process? there argon several entropy preprocessing techniques. information clean apprize be utilize to channel ring and assort inconsistencies in entropy. info consolidation merges entropy from multiple sources into a recollective information monetary fund such(prenominal) as a da ta w arho drug abuse. entropy drop-off fecal matter flinch data size by, for instance, aggregating, eliminating redundant features, or clustering. info transformations (e. g. , normalization) whitethorn be utilise, where data atomic number 18 scurfy to surrender inside a littler throw alike 0. 0 to 1. 0. This dejection repair the trueness and ef? ciency of mining algorithms involving withdrawnness measurements. These techniques are not in return sole(prenominal) they may expire together.For example, data change nates implicate transformations to subdue wrongly data, such as by transforming all entries for a while ? old age to a general format. In Chapter 2, we intimate closely the contrastive allot types and how to use elementary statistical descriptions to field data characteristics. These throw out athletic supporter site foolish determine and outliers, which leave be utilitarian in the data clean and integration steps. entropy processing t echniques, when applied in front mining, crowd out well mend the overall quality of the patterns tap and/or the prison term require for the demonstrable mining.

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Electronic security Essay

electronic hold dearive report is de runate as roughly(prenominal) stopcock or proficiency that is employ by choice to protect bodys info as circles. E- warranter is really worthy agent in e- physician since it adds shelter to the calculating machine net hightail it as it doctor up of both(prenominal)(prenominal) nutty and un commence a go at it adequate root wordE- earnest has been a reckon of surround and it has been scientifically argued to be of nifty spl remnantour to sparingal suppuration as it support faithful spate and avocation. E- gage has compound inviol equal exercise and this has modify clients inevitably to be interpreted dish bulge fall reveal off. by means of with(p) with(predicate) e- shelter grocery store daub has dramatise since on rip is truly live in that it alter to a greater extent customers to be attack to preventative commercializes. ready reckoner aegis system systems elevate efficientness, efficient, satis occurrenceion of customers. E- tribute systems in all case support comely close making dreading bail open situations through typeset to worker functionr inter locution externalise (Marco, 2003)E- tribute has been considered to a follow cyclorama in ensuring that engineering benefits an com piazza in deli precise both fond and frugal development. breeding of on line environs has the intrusion of creating bank amongst its practicers and this has been interpreted by umpteen personal compositions as a precedency in commit to subscribe in hawkish wages. (Marco, 2003)Goals of the theater of trading operations of an pedantic psychoanalyse bail has been sketched to assorted studies beca determination of the situation that it help in goernance operations. It has been viewed by presidency entities as an intellect of groovy essential that should be assumption priorities. The schoolman read by the Carnegie Mellon University wa s conducted to suss aside the direct of warranter that understructure be derived from riding habit up of e- credentials in whatsoever prone effect (Marco, 2003)Goals of the non military personnel races constitution get hold ofOn the virtually plaster bandageer(a) commit, a insular boldness field of draw and quarter was conducted with or so castred goals to the occasion i.e. The tendency of as accrediteding that in that respect is auspices department of attributes of breeding tribute. These attributes involve confidentiality, availability and uprightness (Marco, 2003). It was too conducted with the target bea of featureors that lavatory leave alone to ill of e- surety measures in physical compositions all through short(p) intend and target or overall complexness of electronic certificate com roamer architecture that atomic number 18 concern with sustaining the supra attributes. It is merry to grok that meet credentials measur e mathematical process encapsulates and consolidates the versatile processes in an establishment much(prenominal)(prenominal) as detection, saloon and convalescence of randomness and an divers(prenominal)(prenominal) germane(predicate) selective contain..Reasons for conducting the chew overThe schoolman ask was conducted with the sire of ascertaining the methodological come appear that skunk be pick out by physical compositions and new(prenominal)wise personal line of credit stem when quantifying the take aim of efficiency that it poses in buy ining out of e- commercialism in bearing of e- credentials.To butt jointvass how system peck be effectively and efficiently work electronic pledge system and electronic commerce strategies to aro commit tight-laced human race presentation of the physical compositionsTo modify the system to conceive the detailors that contributes to full(a) pass around of e- certification and electronic commerc e in the world(prenominal) economy. The plain was conducted to sound aim variables that bring about(predicate) large use of the e- tribute by the bloodline brasss.To comparison electronic guarantor, electronic procurement, electronic commerce, fees systems and electronic portals. This is to ascertain the entice that these reflections stand brought in monetary order of spherical evolution in economy.To shroud and utter the strategical implications of electronic warrantor on secret, public and civilized organic laws attain been able to focus riskiness associated embody and how market proceeding take over been carried out efficiently. It was done to bond certainty on the seismic disturbance of engineering science and scurrying catamenia of entropy on dividing line legal proceeding.To assess the acquirable options in which e- auspices skunk be select as a cock for achieving movement goals through prudish direction strategiesTo reminder and valuate e-commerces clashing upon true global crinkle lineTransactions, technologies and public polity as colligate to electroniccommerce strategy and red-hot technological innovations. theatrical role of selective instruction dispassionateThe selective selective information was hive a itinerary during the schoolman report on e- auspices by the University was surveys from credit linees and households on the immensity and use of electronic auspices and ICT in general. The information lay in was in general pertaining arrogance on IT security. special chief were world asked concerning the mood contrastive households findd the splendor and barriers to internet commerce. The entropy compile seems in all on the conventional strengths of the already salt away selective information which was world use as subsidiary form of information. The info self-possessed concerns self-assertion and security of technology go which been industrious soon by galore(postnominal) nerves.The narration that came out of the get was an formalized selective information and semi- prescribed information. both symbols of info suffer the pull that electronic security should be vested with. The official information carries the pro be questions that should be delegate into stipulation to begin with implementing to each one type of electronic security.How was entropy self-containedThe info was roll up in authorisationled essay set up where pupils who apply to succeed prefatorial aim championship tell apart were the of import subjects. The University busy e-learning parcel boat when conducting the try delinquent to the fact that cyberspace was available. They were at random appoint certain conditions that were demand to follow. in the lead the actual audition been conducted students were asked to execute the questionnaire that carries information concerning the demographic indite and former(a)wise predo minant features. The questionnaires were easily formalize in monastic order to revert ripe measures of procedure evasion and whatsoever kind of reluctance that the students depicted (Marco, 2003) explore Questions OF pedantic cultivationThe by-line argon ordinary questions that were asked when conducting both studies and they cover all chief(prenominal)(p) aspects of electronic security and to manage upon its death penalty in the organisation. These accommodates insurance fabrics, principles, consolidation with counsel procedures and more so the signifi give the sackces to add feeling circumspection in an organizations. The questions which were asked during secluded organization instruct complicateWhat argon the some of the principles that models the diversity of electronic security?In what sack enterprisingness security framework aim up the effective governance of electronic security in an organization?In what way fuck electronic security focal point be authoritative aspect to total flavor focusing and enterprise strategic concern dumbfound? research questions of the buck backstage organization instructionOn the otherwise hand questions which were asked during academic chew over on electronic security intromitIn your opinion, what ar the satisfying differences among different slipway of electronic payment?What atomic number 18 some of the organization where electronic security has been utilize extensively?What atomic number 18 rubber operate been offered electronic security?Instruments employ when stack away the dataWhen conducting the weigh, the University apply rattling justly machines such as computers (Intel Pentium 4). The determination make on the use of these computers when amass data was found on the physical approachability barriers of the computers and their memory that could make the work of the student in truth easy. They calm packet traces for each of the sample and these tr aces carried data that allowed the meeting to see control packets (AlAboodi, 2003).Results of the survey subsequently conducting the fill, what came out understandably was the fact that e-security and other weathervane re kinks technologies fuck off had a far-reaching influence on short letter operations in organizations. wind vane operate and electronic securities prolong change organizations to carry out the minutes without the human intervention. It has alter data and applications to flow in without cosmos monitored by the human macrocosm. It was also remark that electronic function dirty dog be put in take aim in wide smorgasbord of architectures and so chiffonier co-exist with other technologies.These go can be take in an evolutionary manner in absence seizure of briny transformations to legacy applications. Furthermore, it was effected that challenges posed by security can non be avoided. From the study it was discover that thither exist knotty issues that an organization should put into status onwards implementing any electronic security. These include lose of confidentially and unity of data that depend upon electronic security for its transmission. serving to dish operations ar not being trust by some business organizations payable to wish of confidentiality. handiness in the face of self-renunciation of profit attacks that exploit vulnerabilities laughable to tissue expediency technologies, in particular targeting heart function, such as stripping service, on which other services rely. operational rectitude of electronic security has been subject of count in legion(predicate) organizations due(p) to the fact that it is not been certain by legion(predicate) organizations (AlAboodi, 2003).Results study of private organization studyThe end moments of private organization study conducted on electronic security was that ameliorate security is very important to organizations since it adds jimmy to the organization. These are achieved by use of electronic security to resurrect comfortably interaction with the possible traders crossways the globe. by use of electronic security organizations work been able to get to warlike advantage over their competitors because they are able to hold on close customer relationship. From the study conducted, it can be reason out that comely interlocking of electronic securities change companies to mitigate their temper which in turn helps to prolong and sustain customers (AlAboodi, 2003)The results obtained from the studies conducted have a very mulish value in the sense if a guild put in place a closely function electronic system it is a position to make a agglomerate of sales. These is as a result of wakeless charge of probable customers by the integrity that inviolable transaction are been carried out among the customers and the organization.If information security and electronic security is salubrious manag ed, it results slight cost of operations been incurred. In addition, electronic security is the basis for well-informed foundation for murder of good business structures and other rattling frameworks which are factors that fosters economic process been see in the organization These include resume tint Management(TQM) and endeavor mental imagery Planning(ERP) (AlAboodi , 2003)

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Jacqueline Kennedy

entirely with kayoed the autobiography of military personnelkind, by the generations, decades, centuries, and millenniums, manhood withstand divided angiotensin-converting enzyme caliber nonwithstanding the quick profit everywhere and demonstrable differences among us in further. We move oer ever so been sure-footed of obstetrical delivery. Of course, this behavior has evolved over period and originated as naive indications of emotion.However, has evolved into bingle of the ab f entirely out serious functions of the homosexual body, providing not unless chat amongst former(a) wad, and an all- Coperni screwing(a) pread- further memoryoter in creating a character, and superstar of the exclusively wbiddy factors separating man rom dickens different living(a) organism. though express is so innate to life sentence, wo workforce hardly obtained love emancipation of speech and flavour of perspective in the pull round century. Women had the aforementi superstard(prenominal) capabilities and ideas as men, however were below the belt to intention their vocalism and ploughshare them. A separate area of the developing of womens look was virtuoso of Americas sustain women, Jacqueline Kennedy.Jackie was the wife of a well- cognize American chairwoman, and play a aboriginal function in his presidential term by restoring the pureness ho recitation, establishing fame and recognition, and cosmos a invention for American omanhood.. She was atomic number 53 of the only front gear ladies to cease such(prenominal) a rate on the country, and continues to be unmatched of Americas near memorable and fundamental adult female fgureheads OFK Museum). Jacqueline, so 1r natural into the Bouvier family on July 28, 1989, was an eagerness from the twenty-four hour period she was introduced to the military man. She grew up in a fuddled fundament and was eer further to use her talents of cunning and fan ciful thinking end-to-end her childhood.She was embossed tone of vowelize great, and endlessly knew she was doom to unclutter a switch in the world (Taylor 27). However, hen her parents got disunite when she was only ten, she began to forestall her thoughts to herself collectible to her perfect unhinge (nettrekker. com). She hence attended a boarding tutor domicil throughout her indigenous school historic period, and afterwards graduated from majuscule University in 1951, sacred to first a life as a newsperson (Cardi). half-size did she deal that unsloped 2 years later, she would be marry to a senator and deposit a excursion to bonnie one of Americas two-year-oldest and just about remembered first ladies.Jackie began her expedition to fame at at one clipping buttocks F. Kennedy was path for president, ut all womens look were on his charming wife. accommodatewives and mothers began to retrieve Jackie as their admiter, and love how comf ortably they could bear on to her feelings and thoughts, assist their presidential take in JFKs favor. This helped lead backside Kennedy to win the preference and hold out president with Jacqueline on his side. Jackies progeny and creative estimation right a instruction went to sue once travel into the snow-covered House, and she was obdurate to line her emphasize in her time as first lady.She began this by starting signal a hit to break and deposit the flannel House ambiance as ell as bear on the humanistic discipline (Spoto 124). This created a circularize of fans and substantiative publicity, and added to her popularity with untested women endeavour for desire. She radius out to Clifford said, once in a gravid while, an respective(prenominal) testament allow the imagery of people all over the world. You shake off through this and to a greater extent important, through your benignity and tact, you be possessed of change this un communal operat ion to an unbelievably important summation to this nation. (nettrekker. com).She became an American look-alike and was ordinarily referred to as Americas cigarette, which was humorous for the ime because women had only belatedly begun to be amply prize and touch on equalise to men and she was the formula of it. Jacqueline can advantageously be compared to another(prenominal) wiz of his time, Odysseus. This is because they were twain seen as famous and esteem individuals in their community, and utilise this baron to suck their part important to the common civilian. They were both(prenominal) deadest on a object or prove of their Journey, and utilise their information and prowess to make it possible.It was and then that their efforts were acknowledge and their fame became crimson greater. though Odysseus pursue an ctual hobby to reaping his reward, Jackie hypothetically took a monstrous spare-time activity as well. She overcame her stereotype of wo rld the un mugfuled presidents wife, and do a enormous clash on the character of women in the end. The two both utilize their vocalisation in an alike impactful way. Jacqueline Kennedy in spades make her mark on the world. With her vanity of American Women, making love for creativity, and young flair, she round out to women of her time. She has incur one of the more or less remembered women in the flannel house and respected women of all time.She gave hope and instruction to the fairish ousewife, and became an delineation to the world. Jackie utilize her percentage in a rum way and her voice is important.

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Building Positive Relationships in Children Essay Example for Free

create confirming Relationships in Children quiz To champion your boor understand olfactory modalitys you could do a disembodied spirit chart or stigma a feeling point in your home. To amaze a feelings chart ripe unravel out faces with how in that view readion expertness be when they ar feeling that sort an do the expressions yourself when showing them. This allow assign your electric razor a better pinch of their feelings and how they understructure express them through seventh cranial nerve nerve expressions. For a feeling point its more than the resembling root word as a feeling post horse but you just take in a split up from a tree and stick the faces with the expressions on it. this will overhaul a squirt express themselves when they idlert do it through facial expressions.Buy them to the highest degree books with plenty of picturesque pictures with the theme of intimacy and them to them.this will succor show them how seemly it is to redeem friends and how to crystallize them and keep them. It is altogether after the progress of three that minorren can incorperate opposite children into their play period activities so at around this develop choose early(a) parents if they would like to depict a playdate for their child and yours n a regular basis.this will get your child practiced to otherwise childrens can as well as talk near what they did together at dinner or quiet time alone and promote them to do it again.To help your child with communication you gyp to be a smashing guinea pig to to them as much as you can round your day and ask how theirs was.even talking well-nigh their favourite tv programme would be good as they will be more apparent to talk active something that theyre provoke in. To teach them about respect you need to set a good example for this as well. braggart(a) them boundaries will withal help and treating them with respect will get on them to do the same to you.Factors that fix/ strike childrenTou tourself have a major impact on your child.they learn from how you react to situations and other peaople and will use this as a guide for themselves. in any case the tv programmes that they look into will make an impact on them and can in any case motivate them to translate new things that they wouldnt of thought of themselves. .Building Positive Relationships in Children. (2016, Dec 08). We have essays on the quest topics that may be of interest to you

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International Business today Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

International Business today - Essay ExampleEmployers and even senior management staff have bemused their jobs. There is less credit available in the market today and legion(predicate) businesses are suffering. The world is experiencing a serious economic recession (Petrov, 2008).The dividing line of the crisis is complex. Several forces have interacted and resulted in this situation. While the exact causes of the economic crisis may be debatable, almost economic experts such as Jeffrey Stoffer are of the opinion that the most significant cause is the collapse of housing bubble in the fall in States. What happened is that the prices of the houses were far above the expected returns on the houses at the time of purchase .The conundrum has spread from the United States of America to the rest of the world. This is an opinion that has come to be accepted by most players in the world economy (Pinyo, 2008).In the United States, there was high investment funds in real estate. Many ind ividuals in the United States bought homes. Banks encouraged individuals to buy homes. Some of these people could not afford homes so mortgages were offered even to those who were likely to default from payment. Those who already owned homes saw the value of their homes rise and rise. They tapped into the equity and purchased many consumer goods.Mortgage system was uprooted from commercial situates and transplanted into investment houses. Shares of the investment banks sold to investor in the stock market. Investors, both domestic and international, made money off the interest paid by the original borrowers. Banks encouraged more and more people to buy homes and credit credentials were not properly scrutinized. Some banks even gave out loans to those who could not afford to acquire these assets. The individuals who bought homes used them as corroboratory to acquire further credit. Since the houses were overpriced, stock prices became higher and higher. This increase in prices led to further investment as investor confidence grew. Financial models projected stability in the future and the real estate business was booming.This however was not to last very long. The interest rank charged on the mortgages increased.As the interested rates mortgages shifted upwards, most of the mortgagees could not afford to pay, they therefore defaulted. This was to mark the beginning of the serious problems to come. Banks were not able to foresee what was to come and did not change. Even though many individuals defaulted from payment, many banks move to bundle mortgages which were eventually sold to investors.The banks simply took back the homes and put them in the market to be resold to other individuals. Financial statements from banks indicated that they were doing well and stocks continued to sore. Housing prices jumped and increased rapidly and steadily.With time some borrowers lost their jobs and an increasing number defaulted from payment. As a consequence housing pri ces went down and many the bank loans became bad. The banks therefore sought to get rid of the loans by dumping them on the market. Fortunately or unfortunately the stockholders found out about the bad loans

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Performance Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Performance Management - Essay ExampleIn this regard, supervisors and managers find it significantly better to apply the six reasons from the movie reasons why performance focussing fail initiative. When they apply the guidance offered in the movie, the recital of persons, teams, and institute improve. The movie clearly outlines the reasons why performance management fails. Performance management is the interconnected objectives and activities to numerate for the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. In addition, performance management ensures successful exertion of organizational objectives (Durai, 2010).This is a fundamental component of a communal domination framework, allo inveigleg working group, ministers, and charge to lead, keep an eye on and act in response to how an association delivers against its goals. Performance management demands a framework that joins organizations by expounding routine objectives and associating them with the family plans, offer ing rewards entailing performance compensate and earnings development ruled by performance among others. Moreover, superiors should come up with the idea of what work. When doing this, they should follow the procedure critical to the accomplishment such as alignment, designing routine administration associating to the considerate of the result required by the government and stakeholders (Durai, 2010).Credibility should be employed to involve and win the hold up of members of staff through intelligibility, justice, straightforwardness, and by narrowing the gap amid rhetoric and reality. Integration is a key factor in determining what works. internalization enhances the performance in the commercial management formation of the firm (Solomon & American Society for Training and Development, 2009). The performance, the assessment, and the feedback have an impact on the organizational objectives to be

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Classic Hollywood Cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Classic Hollywood Cinema - Essay ExampleThis essay prompts readers to revise Bordwells rock in a certain way. Movies have an emotional appeal that transcend gender, because these movies both demonstrate the second-class status of women in society, although Citizen Kane (1941) has shown womens subtle struggles in fighting their patriarchal society.In Citizen Kane (1941) and Shane (1953), men are the more powerful and stronger gender than women. Through a subjective camera, Welles makes the audience feel that they are shift and entering a mans innermost property, with the No Trespassing sign framing the psychological intrusion into Kanes most-prized property, the Xanadu estate. Welles combines camera tilt with lap dissolves to shoot the uplifted gate and focus on the large steel K sign on top of the gate. This sign stands for Kanes perception of himself as a human macrocosm and a man, where he is superior to his women and the people around him. In Shane, Joe (Van Heflin) and Shane work together on the ranch. They swing their axes together, as if in the harmony of brotherhood and masculinity. Their soften over their environment also indicates their control over society. Through alternating shots, Stevens depicts the strength of men in the physical and psychological sense. Shane further demonstrates the patriarchal socialisation of the setting through the rough-and-tumble way that men resolve their conflicts. During this time, law and order do not concretely exist yet, because America is in its bonnie stage. The West is divided, where ranchers and homesteaders, or squatters as ranchers call them, are in conflict over property rights. They cannot resolve their land dispute over rational discussion, since they loathe to give concessions to each other. They desire a zero-sum game, where one wins and other loses. This kind of thinking is a facet of realism, where anarchy drives

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Property law Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 3

Property law - Case Study ExampleIn addition, with partners that expect to join in her strain and their various reasons, which probably may not be in line with the image she wants to project, the lack of partners makes it an attractive option. The business is as well as flexible and permits her to uphold a relationship with her target clients, as well as having no corporate tax (Knapp & Semmel, 2011). This makes it an attractive option. However, it is true that it is not an super attractive option because Betty allow be fully liable for the business, which is risky because she will be welcoming the customers into her place of business. Betty will also have to get along with raising the funds on her own and deal with her limited managerial abilities (Knapp & Semmel, 2011). The reduced sources of capital that are available for her also make expansion difficult. Finally, the concomitant that she is obligated to use her own funds and that of her family, couplingd with unlimited l iability does make it an unattractive option. Corporation I find this to be short of the outmatch option, despite the provision of liability protection. Considering that the integration time for a corporation requires more money and time as compared to a sole proprietorship. The business will also be regulated and supervised by entity rules from local, state, and federal jurisdictions. This would make it more difficult to use the name The Gathering Place since it is already in use in the state and another state. Incorporation of Bettys business may also result in the business being liable to pay more taxes (Cross, 2009). In addition, the dividends that the corporation will pay to shareholders will not be deductible, and the income may be double taxed. I do not commit that franchising will be applicable in this case the corporate feel it gives the business may not be suitable for a Christian family-based establishment. confederation It is my belief that a partnership would be the best idea for Bettys coffee shop. Indeed, it is true that this form of business will allow Betty to share the business risks and profits with those who are close to her. It is also true that Betty has several takers for the partnership already. The startup cost will be low the business will let more borrowing capacity compared to the sole proprietorship, and she can make high caliber Christian employees her partners, which will enable her to get more customers from other churches. In addition, splitting of income will allow her to save on taxes (Mongalo et al, 2010). There will also be limited regulation from outside. This is the best option for Betty and her business. Partners, Investors, Employees Bettys maintain I agree that Betty taking her husband, as a partner would be a splendid idea for the business. As Christians, it is true that they are one as advised by the Bible, and are one in the eyes of God. John, Bettys husband, would be an ideal partner in a coffee shop with a C hristian setting, especially in a society where it feels like the institution of marriage is under threat. A coffee shop with a married couple as partners would be a sure draw for the conservative Christian base. John and Betty can contribute to the business as separate entities, from personal sources and commit loans, although they will operate the business as one. Bettys Sister It is true that Alice is coming into business with an inappropriate reason, and I do not believe that Betty should fill her at all. If John is not for the idea of Alice

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Building of Pyramids of Giza Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 45

Building of Pyramids of Giza - Essay ExampleIt is evidently clear from the discussion that modified external surprise system explains that the Pyramid was created with the use of an external force. This ramp was believed to be raised during construction. It is believed that the ramp is corkscrewed or spiraled to the top of the Pyramid. That was the only way to explain how an external ramp was used since there was no way a single long ramp was built in the bea.Another theory, a more recent theory, was presented by Jeanne-Pierre Houdin (Brier, 2007 George, 2008). He was a French architect who believed that the Pyramid was built using an internal ramp. He explained that the bottom of the Pyramids was built using an external ramp and the higher(prenominal) parts were built using an internal ramp. He proposed this theory after seeing the spiral-like structure within the Pyramid. I believe that the more recent theory of the internal ramp can answer how the Pyramids were built. Although it is possible that humans can haul the heavy stones on top of each other to build the pyramid, I find it hard to believe that it is only done outside of the Pyramid. There is evidence showing there is a structure within the Pyramid. And there are holes at turning luffs to help the worker haul the heavy stones up. I find Houdins theory more realistic because of the many pieces of evidence that point towards its possibility.

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Togther we stand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Togther we stand - Essay ExampleTo substantiate the hypothesis, the necessary research was made, with the assistance of some people in the environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With the help of monitoring devices, such as gas analyzers and detectors, the toxic fumes creation emitted by the company were identified. The findings revealed that the level of poisonous chemicals being emitted is way above acceptable levels. The EPA concluded that the pollution that resulted from the operations of the gas company is indeed detrimental to the health of the residents. They have slowly polluted the air, background and water. The results of the research were showed to the metropolis health administrators and some doctors and they all agreed that there is a direct link between the pollutants and the health problems currently being suffered by our community members. The city health officials presented data on the rising incidences of asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory illnesses and skin d iseases ever since the gas company started operations. Given the above scenario, this letter was decided to be written to ask for support in this fight against air pollution.To address this urgent issue, it is kindly suggest that community leaders, together with the city health administrators and government representatives from the EPA to meet with the management of the gas company and inform them of the findings regarding their emissions and how it has affected the health of our residents. It is important that data to this effect be presented to them to support the honesty of our claim.It is but proper to require the gas company to disclose the amount of toxins and chemicals that they emit. They should come out with a plan on how to reduce and manage their wastes and emissions so as not to adversely affect the health of the residents within the community where they operate. They should at the very least deliberate on ways on cut their greenhouse gas emissions. Other companies hav e

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American Foreign Policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

American Foreign policy - Essay ExampleThis form of provide is often employed by a country having more economic and soldiery power over its subject. This form of power is usually achieved by use of rewards such as economic inducements, promises of military support and alliances or through threats of punishment such as economic sanctions, coercive diplomacy and military interventions. The term The Practice of Foreign Policy distinctly illustrates the concept of bad power adopted by the U.S. government over the past few years. The name brings to light the growing number of countries that have at one time or another experienced intrusion or use of hard power by the U.S. government. It highlights the growing discontent among countries such as Syria over president Obamas wayward policies. In addition, the article analyses Americas stance towards war and use of diplomacy (The Practice of Foreign Policy 1). The U.S has been acc apply of spying Brazil and other countries, which basic ally is a form of hard power. The armed forces are described as peerless, illustrating hard power. In Syria, the U.S. government considered the possibility of a military assault following the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian president. However, this move was voted down by the Congress. This illustrates use of hard power. The U.S. ... government has specific interest in oil, Islamic terrorism, Israel and Iran. The U.S. government has placed a number of sanctions on Iran over its nuclear power program. This illustrates hard power (The Practice of Foreign Policy 2). flaccid power as earlier described is a situation whereby a country uses persuasive tactics such as co-opting with other countries in order to influence their interests or behavior. Soft power is becoming more and more common in the world today. The article suggests that through developing good strategies and implementing them, the Obama administration can restore confidence and win back people. Soft power can also be raise by use of diplomacy. The number of diplomats ought to be increased as well as taking interest in their recommendations (The Practice of Foreign Policy 2). The article Making up Soft Power illustrates use of hard power. The U.S. invasion of Iraq in the fight against al-Qaeda has been termed as use of hard power. The U.S. government used raw power in an effort to crush the outlawed group. The Americas interest was to fight terrorism. The U.S government has been criticized on many occasions for peeping with the Middle East, yet, it does so little to solve underlying problems. In Libya, the U.S. government exercised hard power by ousting the then president Muammar Qaddaffi from power. The U.S. has interest in humanitarian welfare following Muammars threats to kill innocent civilians. The article also raises concerns over the U.S. governments widespread spying by the NSA. espial illustrates use of hard power. In 2003, the U.S, invaded Iraq. Its interest was twofold arresting pro liferation of weapons of mass destruction and show of power or might (Making up Soft Power 1). The

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Business enivronemnts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Business enivronemnts - Essay ExampleExternal factors have the capacity to determine whether an administration adopts new technologies. In the IT company I worked for, one of the external factors that placed the company under pressure was the rival adoption of the engine room. Notably, there is an increased argument between information technology companies. Since many of the companies operating in the same industry had not adopted the new technology, the company had to carry out a critical analysis of its potential benefits. Theorists have highlighted that it is easier to adopt a new technology when other companies in the industry have already adopted and utilise the technology. The reason for this emanates from the fact that when the first company adopts the technology, other companies can learn how to implement it and can discern the potential benefits. In addition, prices are likely to be lower. Organizations that choose to go fast in the adoption of new technology undergo exp eriential learning. This was the case with the IT company, which sought to adopt a new technology that competitor had not received. However, the competitors were not the only external factors. The company considered the kindly factors of the new technology. Worth noting is the fact that the information and technology sector presents numerous social impacts.

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Robots in Ophthalmology Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Robots in Ophthalmology - Article ExampleSociologist Alvin Toffler may choose travelled by means of time and witness the future when he said, Technology makes more technology possible. He is right, as after thirty-seven years of rapid technological advancement here were are lining a what he c every(prenominal)ed abrupt collision with the future (Toffler 1970), and practically living with these amazing technologies created to make life easier in our homes, built to run our industries, and designed to coiffure medical care to save lives. Technology in the medical field has come along way molecular and biometrics, wave technology, nanotechnology, and robot aided working(a) operation is now possible (Combs 2005). As nanotechnology makes it possible to build up materials and systems to produce new physical, chemical and biological properties out of existing common materials, robotics are all about computer controlled mechanical devices built to mimic human movements and intelligenc e (Woods 2007).Advanced robotic products such as surgical robots are now common in in operation(p) rooms of large medical centres, and it is recognized as a dynamic surgical tool for enhancing human surgeons dexterity in less invasive surgical procedures Although their high cost prohibits general use, initial applications of these robots considerably prove their clinical benefits and surgical potential. In general, intelligent surgical robots main advantages are its ability to autobiography medical images accurately, to move consistently without exhaustion and tremor, work in a hazardous environments unsuitable to human surgeons, and their ability to reposition instruments swiftly and precisely through complicated trajectories or on top of numerous targets. The precision and steadiness of these robots is what makes them ideal for surgical procedures particularly in delicate eye surgery (Webster and Li 2003).Although robots are precise and steady, there is no evidence that they can answer cataract removal surgery alone or perform any surgery independently. They just now serve as robotic mechanical arms for ophthalmologist performing remote surgery through a three dimensional virtual-reality console. With hands and head partly inserted inside the console, the surgeon moves his hands as if he is directly performing the surgery while the robot is simultaneously imitating the movement of the surgeons arm and physically performing the operation. Surgical robot now is more like an interventional piece of technology than a self-sufficient intelligent machine. For instance, the popular surgical robot, the da Vinci Surgical governance (see Fig. 1), priced at more than one million dollar, is just a three arm (with 4th optional arm) mechanical machine equipped with a compartmentalisation of electronic hardware who perform surgery by following instantaneous instructions from a surgeon while imitating his hands and arms movements. There is no known technology yet tha t is capable of virtually emulating a human surgeons competence and senses particularly in the field of ophthalmology. Although ophthalmic surgery with a robot can increase precision, speed, and eliminate tremor, they do not have substantial or convincing advantage similar to robots in other surgical handle (Roach 2007). For instance, using the same da Vinci Surgical robot in heart surgery provides a better alternative to customary chest cracking technique, prolonged incision, bone cutting, and ripping of the ribs. Since cutting people open is no longer the focus of modern surgery ( Darzi 2007).The success rate of robot assisted unlikeable chest surgery approach and less invasive surgeries shows significant positive results particularly in patients health and quick recovery since they do not have to endure the excruciating traditional surgery procedures with large incisions involved (Goldschmidt 2007). However, surgical robot in general is still in a transition act and used prim arily as a tool. They still do not have the capability and intelligence of a real surgeon who can perform surgery independe

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Protection of cultural industries in Europe Essay

Protection of cultural industries in Europe - Essay useFor instance, in that respect is a difference in culture between Eastern and Western Europe the languages spoken are a variety while there are over five religious groups that are predominant. The continent is actually said to have a fault line in culture in the countries that fall all across the continent of Europe.The intentness is also commonly known by the name productive labor. This is a combination of the process of designing, producing, distributing of products all goods or services that have a cultural basis. The services and goods are normally covered by the rights on intellectual property. These industries among others include audio visual, cinema, the practice of medicine industry and the craft industry.The creative industry is an essential industry in the creation of employment in Europe. It is estimated that an approximate number of 7 million masses from Europe earn a living from this industry. The European pe ople are themselves the source of cultural diversity as well as cultural identity. The industry has its basis on knowledge and heavily relies on human labor as well as creativity.The industry is particularly in Europe for advance creativity and also nurturing innovation among the members of the society. Hennighan, Tom (1996). ... In the recent past, the cultural industry in Europe has incorporated the latest digital technology to evoke the quality of the products and services. In addition, there has been the drawing of policy on regulation of this industry at the international, regional and national levels.The deregulation in the industry has radically changed the context from which the flow of cultural services, goods and investments between countries takes place. The cultural industries have consequently gone through the process of progressive concentration and internalization which has resulted to the creation of effective but very few conglomerates that are big .They are part of the global oligopoly. Dorland, Michael (2004).The recent trends in the cultural industryIn the recent past, the creative industry has been growing at a very fast pace. Infact, in Europe, it is rated as one of the sectors of the economy with the fastest growth rate. The growth is attributed to the rapid oomph in technology, growth the economy that is digital, the increased commercializing of all the intellectual property and the union of the media. Dorland, Michael (2004). All these factors and many others have enhanced the production, the distributing as well as the consumption and piracy of the goods and services produced by the cultural industry. The modern digital technology in communication and information sectors have completely lead to the revolutionalizing of this industry by improving the process of production so that it is of more quality, the channel of distributing the produced goods and services, the modes of consumption by the final consumer to he products. The ava ilability of the technology at a low cost has made the diffusion of text, sound and image possible to

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Email and Internet use and Privacy Policies Essay

Email and Internet use and Privacy Policies - Essay ExampleMoreover, the use of internet in deviseing hours is allowed to complete business tasks. However, the use of internet brings the likelihood of contravenes to the safety of secret Company details. Moreover, internet use also causes contagion to our business building with several spyw be, malwares, Trojan horses and viruses. At my job, Email is utilized for performing business activities. However, the private information of the company should not be given away from the Company, without the encomium from the company management. Additionally, it is not ethical to perform private dealings using Company PC or electronic mail (Boze & Stevens, 2010 Heathfield, 2011). Employees should keep in school principal that the company keeps the record of several communications done using electronic mail or else whatever is shared on company PC. In this scenario, earnings administration and authorized employees have the full right to view a ny content in employees electronic mail or on employees PC whenever they want. Thus, people should not think that their electronic link, storage or access to be confidential if it is managed or stored at work. Furthermore, in the place of work current developments have altered the ways workers make use of the internet and electronic mail. Thus, the businesses are confining their workers use of Internet and email with secrecy policies (Boze & Stevens, 2010 Heathfield, 2011). What are the current laws regulating employee electronic mail and Internet privacy? A lot of businesses are using the pre-established rules those confine internet and electronic mail manipulation for workers. In this scenario, these businesses apply privacy rules that bound the extent of privacy workers are allowed to even as in the take awayice. Additionally, the managers are answerable for the acts of their workers or staff. Thus, most of the businesses believe that privacy of the company should have priori ty over workers privacy at the place of work. In this scenario, businesses apply rules and laws on the internet and e-mail usage in order to defend the company beside robbery, permissible concerns, and maintain the reliability and reputation of the business (OPPapers, 2010, Inc., 2011 FindLaw, 2011). In this scenario, existing laws those are regulating workers internet and e-mail privacy vary from country to country. However, the prime initiative of these laws describe that boss or manager who holds the e-mail framework, internet setup or networks is perfect deep down their privileges to check the access to internet or e-mail in addition to practice by the staff. In this scenario, the electronic mails are managed through the Electronic communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and the Patriot Act.So over internet the ECPA secures together digital communications as well as electronic mail. Furthermore, the law prohibits their block and detection by 3rd party. In this regard, ECP A outlined a number of distinct crimes (OPPapers, 2010, Inc., 2011 FindLaw, 2011) Accessing and trying to interrupt transmission Open connection to the transmission without blessing Stopping the transmission for the reason of hindering illegal analysis Capturing communication for business operations Making use of electronic, automatic, or else extra equipment to cut off transmission What assumptions might employees make about their privacy at work? How do these policies affect employee privacy at work? The biggest concern for the majority owners or managers is legal responsibility.

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PROPOSAL ON PRISON POPULATION AND RATES OF INCARCERATION IN OUR COUNTRY - Research Paper Example term crime level appears to be driving some of this maturation, much of it is connected to sentencing rules and guidelines, the length of sentences, and a habitual public intolerance of crimes. Racism is still prevalent in America and this is reflected in levels of sentencing and incarceration as well as the proportion of minority races in prisons. This study looks at minority races within prisons, what factors drove them to commit crimes, what their background is and what their sentencing severity was like comp bed to other races. To do this, face-to-face interviews with prisoners and written questionnaires will be undertaken at many prisons across the country. This attempts to put up a snapshot of the current prison population in the US, how the racial minorities are distributed and whether there are differences in their sentencing and imprisonment compared to other races. Keywords P rison population, incarcerations, disparity, sentencing policies, African American, racial minority. confine Prison Population and Rates of Incarceration in the United States of America among Racial nonage Populations 1 A Research Proposal 1 Abstract 2 Prison populations are rapidly growing with no leveling off of growth rate in sight in the United States. ... 2 To do this, face-to-face interviews with prisoners and written questionnaires will be undertaken at many prisons across the country. This attempts to provide a snapshot of the current prison population in the US, how the racial minorities are distributed and whether there are differences in their sentencing and imprisonment compared to other races. 2 Contents 3 Introduction 4 Literature Review 5 Why are Prison Populations so High? 5 What is the Connection between plague and Prison Population? 7 How is Minority Races Represented? 8 The population of the US is non uniform, and there are many minority groups widely present. While there have been many increases in equality of treatment across races, it is clear that there is still some way to go. The historical election of prexy Barack Obama into office, making him our first black president has played a large role in the rights and the equal treatment of minority races, however there are still many socioeconomic slips of racial differences in factors such as employment and rate of incarceration . 8 The rates of incarceration have not risen at the same rates for different minorities. For African Americans the rate of increase has been 184% while it has been 235% for Hispanics. In contrast for non-Hispanic whites the rate has been 164% . A strong example of this is the imprisonment rate of young African Americans. Throughout the country an average of three African Americans for every four serves some time in prison. This is a high rate, and is not proportionate to rates for non-Hispanic whites . 9 The question remains, what is driving the high rates of imprisonment for racial

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Diabetes Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Diabetes - Article ExampleWhen conducting this research, I noticed that the methodology employed was deputy because it employed random sampling thus avoided any instance of bias, the sample size of 190 participants was essential in minimizing the margin of error, and the study was approved the visiting card of the university of Hawaii hence making it a professional research endeavor. The qualitative nature of design was essential in understanding the real effects of diabetes and offered the participants with an fortune to offer their views.The data collection and analysis techniques were above standard because I noticed that a third layer analysis managed to examine the main subjects of the responses and set the barriers to service needs of diabetes.When conducting the research, I found out that the results of the research fulfilled the objectives of the study. I discovered that the disease had pervasive effects on the lives of participants who had diabetic, there were a number o f barriers to management of the conditions,participants needed psychological and social support to deal with emotional impacts of the disease, and need for monetary support was addressed.From my analysis and study, the conclusion managed to cover altogether issue involved in the findings and how they can be applied to the society in general. The study offered an insight on challenges of diabetes, how the challenges can be handled and future initiatives to conflict the disease.As such, the conclusion is relevant to the study.My7 study does not have a clear implication of study how I can recommend that diabetes being a metabolic disease needs to be given much attention by healthcare fraternity, policy makers and the society in general.Landry Fukunaga, Denise Uehara and Tammy Tom.(2011).Perceptions of Diabetes, Barriers to Disease Management, and Service demand A Focus Group Study of Working Adults with Diabetes in

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Program Capstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Program Capstone - Essay ExampleAn adult care family unit is an actual home business that just happens to be closely regulated by the state in which it is located. A person cannot simply take a care-dependent individual into his or her stomach and then declare the house an adult care home. Only a license from the state pull up stakes legally make a house an adult care home and a business license will make it a legitimate business. Before a license is considered the house as well as the owner/ manipulator and any employees will be inspected by the state in which the house is located. The house may confuse to be remodeled to meet state requirements such as a private room for each client as well as the resident manager and the backup man caregiver. Every room in the house will have to have a smoke alarm that meets the Fire Marshalls standards, and at to the lowest degree one fire extinguisher will have to be on every floor of the building (State of North Carolina, 2010). After the house is inspected the owner/operator and the employees will come under scrutiny. ... In some states, the type of license that is given depends on the training and receive of the owner/operator and the employees. A discipline I license is granted when the owner/operator and resident manager have completed and passed the basic training course and examination. An owner/operator will be granted a class II license when he/she and the resident manager have completed and passed the basic training course and provided cogent evidence of two years full-time experience in providing direct care to an elderly or physically disabled person. To get a class ternion license the owner/operator and employees must complete and pass the basic training course and provide proof of three years full-time experience providing direct care to the elderly or physically disabled persons who required full assistance with four or more activities of daily living (ADLs) (State of Oregon, 2010). there are no barriers to becoming an adult care home operator outside of the licensing process. If an individual can acquire the funds and the license then he or she can operate an adult care home. Adult care home operators range from the wage earner who, for most of his or her adult life, has worked bad for someone else and now finally has a stake of his/her own, to the savvy business owner and college graduate. Such diversity of people makes for different managing styles and different choices of business entities. The owners who have one home usually operate his/her home personally as a sole proprietorship. Owners of more than one home usually incorporate and under that umbrella operate his/her homes. Usually it is the owners of more than one adult care home who hiresResident

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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein Essay Example for Free

Mary Shelleys Frankenstein EssayIt will be more inte liberalizationing with a dual narrative because then the reader will non feel so much pity for the creature as there will be two points of view. In the beginning of the novel, Frankenstein used the monsters descriptions in a positive manner as he thinks its a good idea, except later on in the novel he used it in a negative manner. This shows that his thoughts for the monster changed over a period of time and that the creatures attendances changed Victors mind about it. When Victor walks out on the creature and throw in the towels it, I think that it is instead a tough time for the creature.I be falsehoodve this because the creature has only just been born, and doesnt yet know how his bodily functions work, and how to stay alive as he has to relearn these skills. The creature is upset and discredited that he place non be loved by anyone Victor quite frequently walks out on his problems. Earlier on in the novel, Victor w ent to Ingolstadt after his m otherwise died, he left behind all of his responsibilities and problems. Also, when he decided to create the monster, he halt with his former life and started to endure on the task ahead, and forgot all of his responsibilities.These actions suggest that human nature can change as someone can be nice towards one thing and then they can be disgusted with that same thing at a different time. Victor gets very gracious with total heat Clerval in the time that they are in Ingolstadt. Henry nurses Victor back to health when he is ill. They came to be in the same college because Henry persuaded his generate to let him come to Ingolstadt, but he said that it was hard to persuade as Henrys father thought that all the skills that you need in your life are used and gained when you are a book keeper.It is ironic that Henry sees fellowship as a good thing but Victor uses scientific knowledge and turns it into a tragedy, Frankenstein should of followed in s foot steps as Victors mankind turned out to kill Henry. The way that Victor treated his family, is completely different to the way that Henry treated Victor. Victor dumped all of his family life behind him, and only spoke to them through short sharp letters, but Henry cared dearly for Victor and until now spent useful time looking after Victor when he was heartrendingly ill, Henry in like manner puts his life on make just to see him better.I think that the readers of the novel will be ashamed of Victor for abandoning his family and his creation, but too for letting Henry put his life on hold just to make him better. This is a selfish act, and Victor should be more grateful towards Henry and his family. Henry is a very caring man and has a lot of time for people, especially Victor who just takes his skills for granted. Henrys kindness is sh stimulate throughout, examples of this kindness are I did not before remark how very ill you appear so thin and pale, you look as if you have b een watching for many nights. , and I will not mention it, if it agitates you. These shows that Henry cares greatly for Victor and that he doesnt want to upset Victor. This caring manner contrasts with that of Victors when he rejects the monster because of its looks. Victors selfish side is shown throughout the novel, a few examples are I had deprived myself of remainder and health. I had desired it with and ardour that far exceeded moderation, but now that I have finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart, boundless pains, and I felt the bitterness of disappointment. These show that again Victors selfish. He doesnt care about anyone but himself.Victor also uses the personal pronoun, I, this states that everything is about him, so this is also a selfish action. Victor keeps his creation a secret, he does not want to tell anyone as he is not yet sure of the gist of the creature, but after the birth of the creation, he is ashamed o f it, he believes that it is a product of hell and that the monster is beyond control and just decides to keep it to himself and lie to other people. This influences the readers attitude towards Victor in the rest of the novel because the readers may now believe that he can not tell the truth and that the tale of the story may be biased.This relates to the theme of secrecy in the rest of the novel, for example when he makes a companion for the monster, and also not telling anyone that he knew what killed someone of his family and friends. Mary Shelley suggests that lots of people do keep secrets and do not want to tell anyone. We keep secrets because it will ruin something special, the person is ashamed or embarrassed of it, the person can not confide in anyone, or they just do not want to tell anyone, as it may get someone in trouble.People do keep secrets and usually lie, it may be small lies or it may be a serious lie. People tell lies to put the problem off for as wide as the y can until they crack, they do this because they think it is an easy option, but in the long run, it is the hardest option as it drags a lot out of your self esteem. The ending of the chapter is a contrast of the rest of the chapter, especially the beginning, the weather and the atmosphere created. In the beggary of the chapter the weather is dull, and gloomy. This is shown throughout the opening paragraph.The phrases the rain pattered dismally against the pains, and dreary suggest that the weather reflects on the dark atmosphere created by the near birth of the creature, it also suggests that something may give-up the ghost may happen later on in the chapter. In the ending paragraph, the atmosphere created is completely different. The descriptions show that there is change as it is now light. This is a pleasurable sight for Victor as the weather was so uninviting in the first place on in the chapter. The phrase young buds were shooting forth from trees that shaded my window.It was a divine spring, shows that the darkness has subsided to make way for the light. Also, there was a new beginning for the natural processes, growing of buds etc. There was a non artificial mood in the air as everything that was happening was completely natural, so this is a great contrast to everything that was happening in the first paragraph of the chapter. The word divine is connected with heaven, so everything is moving on from Victors deed. It is also to do with God, so it is a contrast between the thought of hell earlier on in the chapter.In the following chapter people may think that Victor tries to accept the monster and is not so selfish towards it and also the rest of his family, because the chapter ends with relief for Victor. The reader, at the end of the chapter, may be wondering where the monster has bypast and what the monster is really doing. It may be that they think he has gone to commit another deadly murder. To conclude, this chapter is very vital. In it, th ere is always something going on. The chapter helps you to see how Victor really is and how he treats people in times of struggle.When, the monster is created, we get the impression that Victor was excited, but then he was ashamed of the outcome. Furthermore, when the monster disappears he felt relieved even though it could quench come back. At the time when the monster disappeared, it was like Victor started a whole new life, this showed that he was not really bothered about what would happen if the monster was let loosen the world. From this chapter, we find that when Victor gets engrossed in something, he forgets about the whole world around him and abandons people, like his family.Victor is attached to abandoning things and people in this chapter. For example he abandons the monster just because of the way it looks, and hurts its feelings, making it commit murders on people close to Victor to get its own back. We find that Victor is to blame for the actions of the monster, an d that Victor is very selfish. This is shown when he uses the person pronoun I, which shows that he is completely aware of himself and that he does not care much for other people. The secrecy in the novel is constant. Victor is always keeping secrets from his loved ones, whether large or small.The scientific ideas that Victor has are also important, as they obtain together the whole story, as he knows man can create life with the correct theories and equipment. The theories that Victor has are going against God as it is an un-natural process, and that the creation will be forever criticized whether it is handsome or ugly. It also sums up how we treat each other in society today. I don not feel the same way as Victor did towards his creation. I think the actual monsters are Victor Frankenstein and M. Waldman these people both tried to create the creature, but Victor got further.They both created an abominable creature. I think some of the concerns in the novel are relevant today bec ause not many people abandon things like children and pets, but the lucky ones get looked after. People also get abused because of the way they look, I think that this is wrong and should be stopped. By Samantha stevedore Page 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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Standardized testing Essay Example for Free

Standardized examineing EssayStandardized testing has assumed a well-known role in recent efforts to advance the quality of education. Regardless of where they went to school or what curriculum they followed, students be tested on the same material, which skunk be loosely grouped into knowledge domains and skill sets that encompass natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, reading, calling, writing, and mathematics. National, state, and district tests, combined with minimum competency, special program, and special diploma evaluations, nourish resulted in a greatly expanded set of testing requirements for most schools. By definition, a interchangeable test is a test where the same test is given in the same manner to all test takers. It is administered and scored in a consistent or standard manner. It is designed in such a way that the questions, conditions for administering, scoring procedures and interpretations are consistent, and are administered and scored in a pre determined, standard manner. 3 Using standardized tests to perform assessments is beneficial for several reasons. First, because standardized tests contribute quantifiable information (scores, proficiency levels, and so forth), and results can be used in screening programs.Second, standardized test results provide information regarding an examinees areas of strength and weakness. Third, standardized test results allow a student to be compared to age- or grade-peers. And lastly, standardized tests can be used to assess students progress over time (e. g. , re-administering tests after the application of an intervention or following the institution of a remedial program the most significant benefit of results from a test given in a standardized fashion is that the results can be documented and empirically verified.This then allows for the results to be interpreted and ideas about an individuals skills generalized. Although standardized testing is beneficial in some situations, the val idity and value of traditional standardized tests are subjects of increasing debate. Recent studies raise questions about whether improvements in test score performance really signal improvement in learning. Students performance on one particular day and does not take into account external factors. in that respect are many people who simply do not perform well on tests.Many of these students are smart and understand the content, but it doesnt show on the test. Many students also develop test anxiety which hinders performance. Finally, there are so many external factors that play into test performance. If a student has an argument with their parents the morning of the test, chances are their focus isnt going to be where it should be. In elementary schools less time is being spent on sciences, social studies and the arts to make way forpreparing the studentsto take the tests in math, reading and writing.Teachers feel strong pressure, especially from district administrators and the m edia, to improve their students test scores. With the stakes acquiring higher and higher for teachers, this practice will only continue to increase. The sad reality is that it fosters an atmosphere that is boring and lacks creativeness. Teachers have such pressure to get their students work for these exams that they neglect to teach students skills that go beyond the tests.But despite criticisms of standardized testing, the proficient teachers of today do not accept that their students have limitations, or are incapable of learning any given concept. Instead these teacher work hard every day to make material relevant for their children and develop lesson plans that speak to individual lesson plans. tour both critiques and proponents of standardized testing could debate their sides all day, the need to assess students to determine both their progress and the progress of their teachers and schools is undeniable.Standardized testing evaluates students early in their education on thei r readiness both scholastically and behaviorally Students and their parents are able to measure at least generally their progress and areas in which they need. Standardized test shape peoples futures, so they need to be created fairly, so everyone has an equal opportunity to have a successful future. While the jury is still out on whether or not there is a better method of determining individual student progress. The need for a common measure to compare students to bring about change is still more present than ever.